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Monday, July 2, 2012

June 29 Friday Farming

(I've been working on this post since Friday morning...)

Lets start in the back yard today. 

We've had a rash of warm weather, in the 80's but fairly cool at night. Unfortunately, we've also had wind, which spurred wild fires to the west of us.

But the heat seems to have done the plants well. I'm pretty certain that Wally grew this week.

All of my tomato plants have blossoms on them.

Check out the bumper crop of rogue cilantro. It's the weirdest thing. I have cilantro and a few random onions that over-wintered...

Tomaters in cages.

The squash are starting to leaf out as well.

And the back deck, with a side view of the trellised clematis.

Because of the heat I've been watering for about 20 minutes extra in the garden every other morning. It seems to keep things moist. I'm spreading grass clippings in the garden again to retain moisture. The compost bin is doing a great job breaking down things.

Anyway, back to the garage bed. The lupine are done as is the lilac. The holly hock is growing.


Curious plants, aren't they?

Another dianthus, which survived last week's wind storm.

Clematis buds, out of focus.


The kitchen bed is doing well. I'm still amazed by how prolifically the irises multiplied from las year to this year.

Check out my potted broccoli! I didn't know broccoli got so big!

I have no idea how close it is to forming broccoli heads...

The lavender at the base of the irises is blooming.

Kitchen bed.

The daylillies have shot up bud pods (I don't know what the real term is).

Although the Annabelle hydrangea looks a little raggedy, it seems close to blooming.

The twist and should hydrangea is also close to blooming.

The remnants of the romaine lettuce. We had big salads for dinner last week.

Fern gully.

The driveway bed.

Man teh lupine and dianthus took a beating in last week's wind storm.

The bee balm is holding on. DJ kindly changed the sprinkler head here, so I'm hoping to avoid the powdery mildew this year.

I have no idea how close they are to blooming.

The herb beds. Garlic behind, with thyme, oregano, chives and mint from left to right. Check out the scapes on the garlic!

Raspberry bush, which is sending up shoots left and right.

So close to being ripe I can almost taste them!

Daisies in the driveway.

The corner of the house.

My snapdragons.

The front yard bed.

My daylillies are throwing up additional stems to bloom from.

Peas! The gophers didn't get them this year!

Front entrance.

Hanging baskets.

I can't wait for these to keep filling out and spilling over the pot.

To the left of the steps.

From the other angle. Check out the garlic scapes!

The daylillies to the left of the steps are sending up blooms.

Peppers on the left and eggplant on the right.

Power box bed.

Bee balm.

Autumn Joy sedum.

Russian Sage.

I think I need to slide those daisies over. They crowd the fountain grass.

So there she is. Doing well, I think.

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