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Monday, July 23, 2012

July 20 Friday Farming

I had this as a draft in my folder; I'm not entirely certain why it didn't publish last week. Nuts. 

Once again, I've had the photos for this post uploaded since Friday morning, but am taking until Tuesday night to actually type the words. Yowzer, this summer is flying by. 

Here's the view from the front porch. 

And again, from the street. 

From the other side.

The power box bed. You'll notice the area to the left, which DJ sprayed out the other week. I could not keep the grass out, so we've laid down a defensive perimeter of Round-Up.

The Autumn Joy Sedum is throwing up blossom heads.

The first of the sweet-pea blossoms.

Looking towards the street.

And down the porch.

To the left of the steps.


To the right of the steps.

More daylillies!

The gladiolus are sending up blossom stems.

Black eyed Susans are blooming. It seems kind of... early, doesn't it?

Along the driveway.

Corner of the house.


Herb bed. Those garlic are about 5 days away from being harvested.

The lupine and delphinium are still blown to pieces.

And this little Autumn Joy Sedum is just not going to take off this year. I'm not sure what to do.

Raspberry bushes.

OMG you guys, fresh raspberries? AWESOME.

Fern gully.

Twist and shout hydrangea.

Annabelle hydrangea.


The driveway area.

Clematis in the back yard.

Blue delphinium.

My hollyhock is finally blooming!

Another Autumn Joy Sedum that is just not thriving.

And finally, the farm.

We have a lot of tomato blossoms right now.

And random squash.. I'm really not certain what I planted where when it comes to squash this year.

I'm guessing this is a spaghetti squash?

Cherry tomatoes.

Jalapeno peppers!



And lastly, the harvest for the week. Garlic, raspberries and lettuce.

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