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Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 13 Friday Farming

I've been pretty good about taking the photos on Thursday night or Friday morning. And I've been pretty good about uploading them to Blogger on Friday. 

And then they sit there in a saved draft until I get around to writing the words. Right. About that. 

Our front porch is pretty lush right now. 

Along the driveway is doing well.

The daisies are just starting to bloom and the gladiolus are poking up.

Holy moly you guys. Raspberries. Blowing my mind. So many raspberries. I have a bowl of them with yogurt every day. I kind of want to try making sorbet.

To the left of the driveway.

The herb bed. Lavender, oregano, chives, mint and garlic (which is about to be harvested).

Bee balm! For the first time, it really looks good. It makes me happy.

Such an interesting looking flower.

You can see that the lupine and the delphinium still haven't recovered from the wind. And that all the soil pep has blown out of this bed again. I told Dusty the other night that I'm going to slowly fill this bed in with big rocks. And next year I'm going to put these two plants into loops to provide support.

Fern gully.

Blooming twist and shout hydrangeas.

Dog and husband.

More lavender.

Daylilly (with dog hair).

Annabelle hydrangea. 

Happy dog!

Trellising clematis.


Hollyhock is growing.

The farm is coming in okay.

The squash in this corner is going to be squished.

Gopher hole!

I have no idea. Pumpkin? Or... spaghetti squash? But I thought I didn't plant spaghetti squash this year?

Zucchini blossoms. 


So the gophers ate the tops off of all of the carrots. Bastards. Meh, the carrots will be fine.

I have sad news to report. Wally the Watermelon didn't make it. I'm not sure if it was lack of water or too much fertilizer applied directly to the leaves. Bye bye Wally.

The tomatoes are thriving in the hot weather of late.

Tomatoes! I think these are cherry tomatoes.


Back around front, here is the view of the power box bed from the house.

Something weird is going on with this daylilly. It has a bunch of stems with blooms on it, but the blooms are snapped off leaving this. What gives?

More bee balm (ignore the weeds please).

The front of the house.

I kind of want to plant a flowering tree to the right of the sidewalk, to balance the one tree we have out front. But... it's pretty close to the water line. And it would totally mess with the existing landscaping.

To the left of the steps.


On the front porch.

To the right of the steps, as you face the house. Weird how the aster is totally different this year...

To the left of the stps, as you face the house. See the garlic?

You've probably noticed by now that Harlow is excellent at photo-bombing photos. She has recently acquired another skill: getting stuck under the bed during the night. She'd sneak under there as a puppy, but then we got a new, slightly lower, bed, and she couldn't fit as easily. She hasn't lost any weight, just learned to slide on her belly more, I guess. About once a week we wake up wondering where the dog has gone...

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