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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 Ten on Tuesday

I actually had to double check with a calendar that it was Tuesday before rattling this off. Did you make it through the lengthy blog on the Mullan Road trip? I realize now that I should have broken it up into Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Ok, quick like a bunny.

1. North Church potential historic district tour! 7pm! Meet at the Hawthorne School playground. I think I’ll be the tour leader on this one…

2. Second half of the Main Street Historic District tour, 10am on Tuesday July 21st. Meet at the Downtown Business Partnership on Main Street, near Mackenzie River Pizza. Should last an hour. Hopefully one of the board members stepped up to lead this one because…

3. I’m headed back to the lake on Friday! I volunteered to help my mom paint the house. If they don't paint it this year, they'll need to reside it next year. I’ll be gone the 17th through the 26th. Sorry for the blog silence, but I promise to come back with photos!

4. I have a phone interview with Hasslyn Harris of KECI/ KTVM news at 6:30am on Wednesday. She’s interviewing me about a piece that Jonathan Athens of Bozeman’s KTVM is working on about historic preservation, demolition by neglect and bonding new construction. The segment should run Wednesday night. Good interview genes run the family.

5. DJ is leaving for a fishing trip in Wyoming on Wednesday afternoon. He’ll be gone through Sunday. He’s got lightweight camping gear strung through the house! But I’m excited for him; I made him miss the Ross Lake hiking/ fishing trip last year to go to Shawna Rader’s wedding.

Shawna and I at her wedding in July of 2008.

6. Speaking of weddings, my cousin Blake FINALLY married his girlfriend of nine years last Saturday. It was a large, large wedding, and was a lot of fun to be a guest at (note that I didn’t indicate that it must have been a lot of fun to plan?).

7. We put the condo on the market!!! Anyone know someone who would like to buy a nice 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, single car garage in a great neighborhood? We like the ‘hood so much that we want to buy a house in the same ‘hood.

8. If you’re having problems with your neighbor, talk to your neighbor. Please don’t call the city planning department and expect me to fix it. I’m just sayin’…

9. I had 18 voicemails to return on Monday when I got back. OVERWHELMED. So overwhelmed that I can't even begin to figure out where to begin. And people left me multiple messages. And sent me an email. Patience people...

10. We ate strawberries and snap peas from the farm when we got home on Sunday!

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