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Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15 Friday Farming

I missed last week's Farming update. I took a bunch of photos, uploaded them, and then could not figure out where I uploaded them to. And I usually delete photos as I upload them, and thus was photo-less. And annoyed with an increasingly slow laptop. The battery is dying, so even plugged in the darn thing is sloooow. 

Well, here we are at June 15 already. Man, that's nuts isn't it. Check out our welcoming porch! We put plants in the hanging baskets and in the pots a few weeks ago, and they're starting to get going. 

The irises in the front yard are starting to die out. I finally got around to trellising the peas.

The snapdragons in the front corner are about to bloom. You can see the chives in the background leaning out into the drive aisle.

And then my photo taking-was interrupted by hooligans.

(I think there was some nose-to-scrotum) action with this).

Anyway, here we have thyme and oregano, with garlic behind.


Bee balm. I'm hoping to get a bloom from them this year.

Irises down the side and in the rear are doing well.

Check out my crop of raspberries. Man, I can't wait for these things to come in!

Overall, not bad. The area to the left of the drive aisle needs a bit of work. There should be something blooming, right?

The lupine is dying out.

I'm not sure what's going on, but it's all droopy and sloppy and whatnot.

But apparently delicious for bumble bees!

Fern Gully is absolutely rocking it compared to this time last year.

This giant-leafed hosta seemingly popped out of no where.

It has cool leaf texture.


Nice spot for a book.


 Back out front, more snapdragon love.

Jalapeno peppers.

My spinach is going to seed.

The daylilly is finally blooming. 

Trellised sugar snap peas.

To the left of the steps too.

Eggplant. We'll see how it does.

 The whole she-bang.

Some romaine lettuce. Through a combination of less gophers (we're not sure why, but they seem less abundant in the field behind us this year) and putting the greens in pots where the gophers have a hard time getting to therm, I've actually been able to eat SALADS.

The power box bed.

With some sun flare. You can see that I finally trellised the sweet peas too.

More bee balm.


Russian sage, down there between the boxes.

Autumn Joy sedum. I really need to pull grass from this bed.

So Dusty picked himself up a project a few weeks ago at the nursery. Meet "Wally;" the watermelon. Wally is being babied until Dusty feels comfortable transitioning him outside. I'm hopeful.

The garage bed, which is always a bit more unruly.

My lilly split! There is usually just one.

Hollyhock growing.

More lupine, in pink.

Splitter lupine?

A bit washed out, but I was trying to shoot into the sun. The lilacs are finally blooming.

And finally, the veggie garden.

Which pretty desperately needs to be weeded.

Tomatoes need to be staked this weekend.

And lastly, the compost bin!

How are things in your garden?

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