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Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 1 Friday Farming

Would you believe that I uploaded the photos for this post on Friday morning, and then haven't had a chance to come back and type in words until Sunday morning?

Life is very full. 

Anyway, here we go with a June 1 Friday Farming update. 

Curb appeal:

See that little triangle to the right of the driveway? I'm making it my mission to give it some life over the next few years. This spring I popped a few gladiolus bulbs in there, and they are starting to come up.

The driveway. For some reason my plants to the right of the driveway just don't seem to thrive.

Except for the raspberry bush, which is absolutely exploding this spring.

It's even sending up shoots to the sides. We might dig these shoots up and try to transplant them to the lake (don't tell my dad).

To the left of the driveway is doing well.

Especially the lupine, it's HUGE this year!

I'm hoping to get blooms from the bee balm this year, and avoid the powdery mildew from the last few years.

My garlic, thyme, oregano and chives are doing well. I may actually cut the herbs back this week and run a bunch of them through the food dehydrator to dry off.

To the right of the porch. I need to clean up the debris from my spring bulbs. The snapdragons on the corner seem to be doing well.

I transplanted the jalepenos outside.

The spinach is doing well. I need to plant another round of it in another pot.

I transplanted a bell pepper plant.

The irises are absolutely HUGE this year. Check out our little midge burning bush; it's growing so slowly!

Again, the irises dominate.


I really need to trellis the sweet peas.

They're trying to use the irises as a trellis...

The power box bed is lookgin good.

Here are the last of my starts. The larger tomatoes have actually left the house already, and were given to our friend Joe for his garden.

I've still got a tiny flat trying to start zinnias, larkspur and another round of marigolds. Oh, and regular and purple basil. With as much as I love bruschetta, I might need to start even more basil.

Let's see, I also transplanted the eggplant.

The garlic here is really doing well.

Garage bed. The clematis is the same height it was at the end of last summer, and has two main vines going up. Progress!

 At the bottom of the clematis are two lillies. Check out the bloom buds on them!

More lupine.

Our lilac is about to bloom, I think.

And the farm. Note the large compost bin we bought in the background.

Zucchini? Pumpkin? one of the two...

I don't think these cucumber transplants are going to thrive...

Tomatoes and zinnias. We need to figure out how to trellis the tomatoes this summer. Last year's flimsy little trellises just didn't cut the mustard.

Giant sunflowers.


See the carrots poking through?

You may have noticed that we brought the chicken wire back this year. We don't expect it to keep gophers out, but rather, to keep neighborhood cats and dogs (including ours) from trampling things. The gophers have been surprisingly absent this spring too. Not sure what that's all about. Either way, I've only planted things in the garden that the gophers have not been interested in eating in the past.

The kitchen beds.

Broccoli co-planted with lobelia.


Fern gully.

 So, there she is for June 1. How are things on your end?

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