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Monday, January 23, 2012

On becoming my mother

My mom is a pretty neat lady. She's got her shit together, handles stress with more grace and generosity than I do, and is just generally a good person. 

I still cringe at some of the things I teased her about growing up. Especially how cheap she could be. Friends who make fun of DJ and I for our "cold" (64 degrees) house should remember that I'm descended from the same woman who "heated" her house to 57 degrees in the winter because she didn't want to pay the heating bill. The same woman who had her house on the market for $500k+.

But I digress. I teased my mom mercilessly for her janitor-style key ring.

And now I have one too. Let's count the shit on my key ring, shall we?
  1. Car fob
  2. Car key
  3. Gym fob
  4. Key fob for AOII
  5. Key to office at MSU
  6. Key to classroom at MSU
  7. Key to office for the City
  8. Key to room where my Board meets
  9. Key to our house
  10. Key to the lake house
  11. Mailbox key for our house
  12. Mailbox key for my parents house
  13. Key for my parent's house in Bozeman (which they sold last month) (I think that's it)
  14. Key to  my bike lock
  15. Some other mailbox-like key... I have no idea what its for.

Obviously the keys to my parents now-sold house can go. But how about the keys to the places I only go occasionally? Keep them on a separate key ring? Which I'm more likely to lose? Or leave at home on a day I really need my damn keys?

Is my key ring another indicator of being an adult, with adult responsibilities?

And how long before DJ starts making fun of me mercilessly?


  1. And we all become our parents:) I think you're missing about 5 or 6 keys that no one knows what they are for.

  2. Yeu really gots to love the Moms on a counta whell yeu just gots teu, but all so on a counta what berry speshull peoples they really are!

    Wheeee all make fun of the Moms be cause whell they are the Moms! But there is all so great logick and reason in what we some times fink is ill ogickal. Juss sayin. Whshhhhew.

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus