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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Landscaping: What's not working

Overall I've been really pleased with our landscaping and veggie garden this year. Last year was so disappointing, but this year things are doing really well. I've even held off on purchasing new plants, which is amazing considering my obsession with perennials last year. 

There are, however, a number of things not working. 

Like this aster plant. I think it suffers from a number of maladies; including no water, being overtaken by weeds and being a favorite place for the cats to poop in (thus making yanking the weeds out not so fun). 

Or how about the plants near the back step? They have to be hand watered, and I forgot to point them out to our neighbor when he agreed to water our plants in later July. Darn.

The trellis-less sweet peas are also not really working. They kind of just build on themselves and then flop over.

Or how about this vacant spot on the north side of the garage?

The hanging baskets are just not thriving either. I have my doubts about the soil in the baskets (which we scavenged), and because there is no mulch on the top, the baskets dry out really quickly.  We'll see what we can do next year.

You know what's really had a rough summer? The Adirondak chairs on our front porch. A wind comes up and knocks them over, usually into a post, and off goes an arm. Damn.

So there's our dirty little secrets about what's not working in our landscaping. Anything you need to get off your chest?

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