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Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter started in Bozeman on Friday. I went into my hair appointment on a blustery late fall day and came out in the middle of a blizzard. Snow blown from the east snaking across the icy streets into finger drifts, three degrees on the bank sign and the requisite freezing of nostril hairs.

By Saturday afternoon I knew I had to deal with the kitchen doors ASAP. I hung the biggest blanket we had in the bottom half of the door over night in an effort to keep the two degree weather outside and the floor in the middle of the kitchen warm.

Sunday morning I hit the fabric store in search of a bargain. All their decorating fabrics were 50% off, but I still found this great red silk material for $6/ yard. It's usually $25. They had just enough. I also picked up some thick inter-lining (think a thin layer of fleece) and some back lining for $54. These curtains are $70 at Target, since I needed the 96" length.

By late last night I had this:

Ignore the saggy curtain rod. We're addressing it later this week. Sorry for the blurry photo too; Harlow wanted to say hello!

They came out really, really well. I had absolutely no waste, which means I purchased just as much as I needed and not more. 

They seem to have made a difference in last night's 0-degree weather. There was ice on the inside of the door and on the metal threshold. 

The only problem? I want to be able to pull the curtains all the way to the right when we want the doors open. This means there can't be a central support point on the curtain rod. And my cheap-ass purchased the flimsy curtain rod instead of the $50 beefy one. So now we have to decide if we can live with cheap, but hoopty looking curtains, or drop more money on a nicer rod.

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