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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A selfish conundrum...

DJ and I are both home today, on a Thursday, since it's Veteran's Day. Harlow is beside herself; her people are home on a weekday!!!

I realized the other day that since we're headed to Colton for Thanksgiving and staying in Bozeman for Christmas, I should probably get the Christmas shopping for my family done. I've got ideas... I just need to shop!

My mom asked me the other day what I need for Christmas. It's kind of a weird question to answer when the things I most need right now are waaay out of the ballpark for our families. We really need a new bed and bedroom furniature. Mattress Mill, in Bozeman, makes awesome beds. They're a local company, they have a one-year, no questions asked, return policy. And gaurantee construction for 10 years. We want to purchase a bed from them... it's about $1,000 (ouch).

We also really a new bedframe. In terms of bedroom furniture, my style is well-built classics, but more mix and match than matchy-matchy. My current obsession is this bed from, where else, Pottery Barn. I don't like footboards. I always hip-check myself on them.

We've also talked a lot about being more environmentally/ socially/ health concious about the meat we eat. I love a good steak. Costco rocks my face off. But considering that this beef probably came from Argentina instead of across the back fence? Well... we could do better. I'd like to split a beef or something with someone, but we don't have a deep-freeze to do so. Something like this, maybe? I want something with a high Energy Star rating...

Working on the garage is our winter project right now. We'd like to install a heater (since it's detached, it doesn't get warmth from the house), insulate, sheetrock and organize the garage. We need a storage system. We need a workbench. In short, I'm trying to convince my dad that they should come over for Christmas and help work on the Garage. Mike is a good garage-organizer...

We need an electronic fence for Harlow. We need an armoire for a linnen closet in the hallway. We need... well, major house things, you know? And it seems so rude to be all, "mommy! drop a crapload of money on a new freezer for me!".

But in the meantime, Harlow is helping me decide what to get Dusty for Christmas.

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