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Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 3 Friday Farming

Once again, posting Friday Farming pictures on a Sunday. Well, at least it isn't Monday...

Tragedy occurred when we were out at the lake. We put all the hanging baskets and planters in the flower beds, and rig our sprinkler system to water them. One of the water spigots fell out of the basket and in 7 days the plants were DONE. So now we have one beautiful planter and an empty one. Is it too late to plant fall annuals? What should I plant?

The remaining pot is gorgeous though!

The sugar snap peas did okay in pots in the front. Not terribly well, but also didn't get eaten by gophers. I'm not sure what the answer is for where to plant peas. In the mean time, this fall I want to move the pots and dwarf plant evergreens where the pots are.


Gladiolus planted right in front of the daylillies. Oops, tactical error.

The top leaves of the burning bush are starting to turn white, which happens before they turn red in the fall.

Jalepeno peppers.

Black eyed Susans.

Looking down the driveway. I still am bothered by the lack of color on the right. The daisies are dying out. I think I want to sneak an Autumn Joy Sedum and purple coneflower into the beds.

Since I'm pregnant this summer, the mint plant has grown out of control as I'm not using the leaves for  mojitos.

The bee balm is on it's last legs. It's starting to look a little ratty. You can see that I've planted fall lettuce, spinach and other crops in pots.

One of the Autumn Joy seedums that's having such a hard time getting going.

Fern Gully.

Blooming "twist and shout" hydrangea. I'd still like another hydrangea across the driveway, under the trees.

Under the hammock.

This poor little plant is a phlox. And it's totally overgrown by irises. I need to move it somewhere else, after it's bloomed this fall.

There is a second phlox near the steps to the deck, also overgrown with irises.

The back yard. The hollyhock make me stupidly happy.

 And I'll be damned, that hosta blooms?

Hollyhock blooms.

We need to plant something around the north side of the garage. Maybe hostas since it's a nicely shaded area?

In the garden my hot wax peppers are growing well.

Due to our hot weather, pretty much everything is growing well. Our friend Joe nailed it when he said "next year I'm planting the tomatoes on the south side of the house as shade trees!" No joke, these things are belly-button high on me. And I really expect them to keep growing until early October.

I planted squash at the end of the bed. The squash is trellising through the chicken wire and totally just exploding right now. It's kind of fun!

I think this is a pumpkin!

I can't tell if this is a spaghetti squash or a pumpkin.

Cherry tomatoes. RIPEN UP DUDES!

Brandywine tomato.

Zucchini. I already have three zucchini bread loafs in the freezer and a dozen zucchini bread muffins.

I mean seriously, check this shit out.

Back around the other side of the house... The fountain grass is exploding.

The power box bed looks pretty good.


Sweet peas!

From the street.

To the left of the steps. Yeah.. the hanging baskets are pretty scraggly again. Not sure what to do about that.

These irises are ridiculous. Who needs/ wants irises?

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