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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 4 Friday Farming (05/08)

So yeah... things got a little away from me last weekend. We went to Harrison on Wednesday night en-route to Pullman for Gretchen's graduation. Arrived back on Sunday. Finally getting a chance to load last week's farming pictures!

The best part about gardening? Free bedside flowers (please ignore the dust):

The tomato starts are doing well after I separated them into their own pots. 

The marigolds have blossoms on them!

More tomatoes.

 Outside, the pink, yellow and red tulips are coming in.

The whole bed is filling out a little.

Including my Autumn Joy Sedum.

Same with the porch beds. I am amazed at how much the irises have filled in.

As you can see, the alium and the irises are about to bloom.

Romaine lettuce starts.

Salvia close to blooming.


More irises.

To the right of the door.

Daylilly buds. This throws me a little; they shouldn't bloom until like mid-July...


Corner muscari and daffodil, with snapdragons coming in under them.

Driveway bed. From bottom to top: garlic, oregano, out of control chives, irises, bee balm, lupine.

Bee balm.



The raspberry sticks are coming along.

not too shabby, overall. Pretty much everything is crowded near the foundation, which is okay for now. The shrubs will fill in eventually and have more of an impact. I would like to do something more in our boulevard or along the sidewalk someday.

More tulips, a mix of light pink and yellow.

Fern gully is slowly coming alive.


I'm just going to say it with every post; I didn't kill the hydrangea!

Along the kitchen beds.

The back bed. This is the kind of shabby garden area. Also, nice dog pee spots, huh?



Forsythia sticks. We'll see if they actually grow into the ground.

The garden bed.

No sign of asparagus again. I'm not so sure the asparagus experiment is going to work...

May 15 is the last frost day, and then we're planting into the ground!

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