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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This is going to be a short, yet unbelieveably rambly post. Hey, it's Tuesday... let's do it this way:
  1. The last Wednesday I posted, waaayyyyy back in June, ended with golf ball sized hail, which caused MAJOR damage to our vehicles. Major. Like I thought I'd drive home and find windows out of our 9 month old house (none were, thankfully). So, two insurance claims and nearly $10k in checks later... I'm still not sure what our plan is to repair our damaged vehicles.
  2. El Weddingo happened! and went beautifully! It was warm, but overcast to not boiling. Really, it went really, really well. I will recap it more later. It includes things like great times with girlfriends, unexpectedly over the top flowers, yelling obscentities at my dad... good times people.
  3. We've been home a week. I still haven't totally unpacked the wedding tubs. Motivation has left my body, almost entirely.
  4. I'm pondering a major change at work, both in how the program I work with runs, and if I even want to continue in this career field. No big plans, yet; I guess I need to let the stress of the last few months settle.
  5. We have finished landscaping the yard! Soil pep went into the beds last weekend, and I planted the last of the perennials on Sunday night. As well as about a million Iris splits from my friend Shannon!
  6. The hail did major damage to my veggie garden. MAJOR. Like I'm not even sure if the onions are going to make it. I'm kind of at a farming fail right now.
  7. There is a possibility of a Mexican honeymoon in November.
  8. Maybe the lake again next weekend.
  9. Major developments for my parents.
  10. Finally! I'm excited to start actually decorating our house now that every. single. penny doesn't have to go to El Weddingo!
I'm back!

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