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Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15 Friday Farming


It's beautiful (though windy) out today. It's supposed to be 34 and snow on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring 2013?

What does a girl say when she's taken an unannounced 6 month break from blogging? I was busy? I had a really stressful fall? My grandparents died? My boss abruptly departed? I had a baby?

Ha. I had a baby! In November! And she's fabulous, as indicated by the current state of things around here:

Tummy time is a bitch. 

I start back to work full time on Monday and I'm really dreading it. Hanging out with these two has been a lot of fun. 

In the meantime, it's apparently spring in these parts. Or, at least, near our south-facing front porch it is. The porch absorbs the sun's heat through the day and radiates it at night, creating a nice micro-climate. 

The daylilly has some green in it. 

These are crocus.

That is either hyacinth or alium. I'm not sure.

Even the daffodils in the east-facing drive way bed are popping up!

I'm looking forward to digging my fingers back into the dirt this spring. I have a whole litany of things I want to work on (sorry Dusty!). We're also helping my parents with landscaping at the lake and my sister with landscaping for the house she just bought (yesterday!). I'm using today's naptime to go through my box of seeds and decide what to plant in the garden this year.

It's not March yet, and I know there will be winter storms for at least another 8 weeks. But it's fun to dream!

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 10 Friday Farming

What is it about August that always ends up being so... frantic? On July 1 I have nothing on my calendar for August. By mid-August, I'm struggling with insomnia and panic about getting everything done. This is ridiculous. 

Anyway. Friday farming for last week.... Despite the hot weather, things are pretty lush around our here. We're also paying out the whoo-ha for water. If I were to relandscape, I'd definitely consider a more water-wise layout. But given the sprinkler system, we're pretty locked in to what we've got...

 We have mushrooms growing in some parts of our yard, and dry spots 10 feet away. What gives?

 Our Branden Elm tree. I love the shape of the branches and leaves.

Along the driveway.

I've started fall spinach and lettuce in pots.

The bee balm is looking pretty raggedy, but if I cut it back there will be no flowers along here. Nuts.

The mint continues to thrive.

The corner looks okay. The snapdragons need to be snapped back again.

 The black eyed Susan has thrown up blooms.

And the jalepeno peppers are producing.

The basil seems to finally be coming along.

Bell peppers are producing.

The burning bush plant has gone white on top, which seems weird.

It's also getting red leaves at the bottom. It seems early to me, given our hot hot hot weather...

I think this is the last of the daylillies.

The lone front-porch pot.

 The hanging baskets are doing okay. I wouldn't say they are thriving, and I still can't quite figure out how to make them go.

 To the right of the stairs.

 To the left of the stairs. Yeah, those pea pots never amounted to much, did they?

Eggplant blossom.


More jalepeno.

Power box bed from the sidewalk.

And from the street. I do love this perspective.

 The Autumn Joy sedum is taking off.

As are the sweet peas. I really need to figure out a better trellis for these things.


 Nicely camouflaged power boxes.

And from the side of the house. The daisies need to be trimmed of their dead blooms.

 Hollyhock! These make me ridiculously happy.

A little profile action.

Oh my...

The farm.

Our tomato plants are monsters this year. They might end up being taller than I am!

Brandywine or Black Krim tomato?

Whole bunches of them...

You guys, I'm having a killer year of onion harvest. Which is surprising, since I planted these onions for the 2011 growing season...

Roma tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes.


The tomato jungle. I think it's like 'Nam in there.

Spaghetti squash.

More hidden tomatoes. I think these are brandywine?

I... have no idea.

The squash invasion...

Look, a cucumber!


 The pumpkin is making a mad dash across the fence and towards the school.

A pumpkin!

Spaghetti squash or pumpkin?

The farm.

 Fern gully. I've been getting stuck in the hammock lately.

Blooming phlox.

Pholox blossom.

Overall, things are going well. I need to move a few things (phlox) and re-think some areas (to the left of the driveway), but our yard is especially lush this year. I'm craving more trees, probably due to the hot weather and lack of shade. I'll think about it over the winter and plot and plan my spring projects!